Ideally I’d love to ramble on about our summer vacation, and truthfully that’s what I was planning to do.  until now.  Alas unfortunately now is no longer an appropriate time.  As I’m sure you’ve heard, 19 of our country’s finest “hotshot” firefighters in Arizona are gone forever due to unexpected shifting winds, colossal flames, and incredibly dry conditions.  It’s just sickening.


Most men were in their twenties, many with very young families, new babies, and pregnant wives.  In this tragedy beyond words — lots of young children in Arizona will never have a summer vacation with their fathers ever again.  It’s hard to even begin to process that statement.


These great American heroes died so valiantly trying to protect fellow American lives, homes, and possessions.  It’s time for us to grieve for them with their families, all overwhelmed by such a horrendous and permanent loss.   Their sacrifices are so monumental that they are hard to truly comprehend.  We owe it to them to try.



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