If you have ever wondered about the fate of the buffalo, no need to worry.   The buffalo is alive and well in Custer State Park, South Dakota!  And they are officially called “bison” if you want to get technical, but who does?  Everywhere you go, the buffalo is there!

IMG_1054 IMG_1059 IMG_1058 IMG_1056 IMG_1055


As you can see, unfortunately due to some sort pf computer glitch from hell, most of my pictures are upside down when loaded onto WordPress.  (It’s not just you!)  After spending over a week trying to fix the glich and attempting to get help from everyone and their brother,  I give up.  Please enjoy these upside down buffalo photos.   Really they weren’t upside down when I took the photos.  That’s way beyond my expertise.  Hey I invite you t turn your device upside down if you are so inspired!

Here is my one token right side up photo, I have no idea why.  The town of Custer has different man-made buffalos all over its downtown.



IMG_1098 IMG_1097

Well, hopefully you get the drift anyway and aren’t dizzy right now.  Hey, bet you’ve never seen a post quite like this!  Thanks for reading/looking.



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