The terms “spring break” and “cold” have never gone together in the same sentence until now.  There  is one exception though – drinking cold beer while on spring break.  Needless to say, it’s been a cold spring break, as in a wish-we’d-brought-our-winter-coats-to-South-Carolina kind of cold.  Here we are at the USS Yorktown wearing every sweater and jacket that we brought with us  (i.e. not enough). Why did it feel like summer in San Francisco, not Isle o’ Palms?

IMG_0587 Thank God for various military-history-related activities around Charleston, such as gift shops with old grenades from WWII, Korean War, and even present day.  All in all a good distraction!  Unfortunately it seems that every other family on spring break had the same ideas, so there were even lines to get in AND out of parking garages AND then lines at the respective museums in the cold pouring rain.  Great minds think alike, right?   IMG_0574

On the bright side, we had plenty of time for Sam to practice almost-throwing them around the gift shop.


Oh, and don’t forget the vintage 50-caliber machine gun bullet.


And then it was time to pretend-shoot some anti-aircraft guns.

.IMG_0586 Thankfully we had one sort-of-warm day at the beginning to justify packing all of those shorts or at least one pair! IMG_0557

Sam got to practice his photo bombing skills, too.

Don’t look now!




Don’t worry — I got him back.

Hint:  Look for the bunny ears.


Sure beats being in school though! right, Sam?


Reality check!  If chilly weather on spring break is our worst problem, we are doing OK!!


But we still want spring to spring, really and truly!



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