Well, I’ve always been a fan of Chick Fil-A for many reasons, but this was amazing!  Our local Chick Fil-A had a special “Date Knight” for boys and their mothers for Mother’s Day.  So my dashing young knight and I made an appointment.  (OK, I did.)




When we got there, they had a section of the restaurant decorated with knightly flair, even the cow above!  There were tablecloths, fresh flowers, and the suggested “conversation starters” to ease that dating awkwardness.  They were all “would you rather?” questions.

Would you rather…. have super strength or ability to fly?  We both chose flying.

Would you rather be a spider for a week or an elephant for a year?  We agreed on spider for a week but in a safe place!

Would you rather give up candy or ice cream forever?  Definitely give up candy over ice cream!

Would you rather live on the moon or underwater in the ocean?  Moon

Would you rather wear a clown nose or clown shoes to school/work?  Nose




They also had shields for the “couples” to make their own family shield.



We decided our crest would look like this.  (Bet we get invaded a lot!)



My date was a bit dodgy about having his picture taken.  They had a great face painter, and Sam was all for it.  Once he realized it would require a shower that night to get the makeup off though, he was out of that line very quickly.



Then there was complimentary dessert of your choice, followed by a flower for the mothers.



And a treat bag for the gallant knights.


The happiest people of all were the two very sweet Chick Fil-A ladies who were running the event!  Thank you, Chick Fil-A!



One thought on ““Date Night” at Chick Fil-A

  1. Libby,

    Glad you had fun! That was the sweetest story! I just love .chick Fil-A! We are big fans!!


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