Anybody else planting a garden this year?  Now is the time, baby!  It’s not too late to discover that you have not just a “green thumb” but a “green arm!”  I planted a bunch of different seeds a couple of weeks ago.  Now green things are a-sprouting out of the ground, an occurrence that never ceases to amaze me.  Really?  I planted these teeny weeny seeds out of this silly little paper packet and now something is alive and growing?!  It’s a MIRACLE!


OK, so here is the garden YESTERDAY.  Looking good, looking hopeful, right?




And voila!  Here it is TODAY!




Holy baloney, Batman!  All that in 24 hours?  The uber-growers on the right hand side are peas (in the back) and green beans (in front.)  They tend to grow really quickly this time of year, so not sure why I am surprised, but I am!   I’m never really prepared for the possibility that plants will actually emerge the way they are supposed to!


Cheers — to the Miracle of Life!






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