Well, I finally turned myself in to the Duchess of Pork, aka Weight Watchers.  I’ve only been talking about doing this for six years.  Actually I think it’s only been five and a half, which isn’t nearly so bad, right?  It’s been a mere two days, and God am I HUNGRY!!!  I haven’t been this starved since after I had Sam.  When he was finally born at 9 PM, the nurse informed me that dinner was over for the night.  However, I could have a salad.  Who the hell wants to have a freakin’ salad (with iceberg lettuce to boot) after suffering through 12 hours of labor and 24 hours with nothing but shaved ice?!   My husband went out to get me some Taco Bell, but since it was way after 10 by then, it was long closed.  So he came back with my second choice – a King sized Snickers bar.  Perhaps it is choices like that have contributed to my suffering today…

The fact that I am SO HUNGRY (have I mentioned that yet?) makes me wonder what the heck I was eating before I decided to help the Duchess pay her way out of debt.  A whole Sara Lee pound cake with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on the side?  It was definitely eating more than 22 points a day, I can assure you that, probably whizzing past 22 by mid-morning. 

The good news is that I’ve lost two pounds already, and my jeans already fit better.  I know it’s probably water weight, but it is definitely some encouragement to keep on truckin’.   Gosh, I think this is the flattest my stomach has been since BS (Before Sam), not that that’s saying much.  I’ve had all of the WW info from the last time I did it, but somehow it doesn’t seem “real” until I paid money to do it, sort of like the Velveteen Rabbit.  I’m sure Freud could have a field day with that one.
The bad news is that I have 15 pounds to go — and maybe a few more for good measure. Starting four weeks before Christmas is probably not ideal, but then again it could save me from my usual five pound weight gain right around now…
I must go now.  I am too hungry to write anymore, but tomorrow is another point-filled day.

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