Poor Louise.   The other day she had a strange fresh cut on her tummy, so Sam and I had to take her into the vet, much to all of our chagrins!  She is Sweet 16 which translates to being a 100-year-old crotchety old lady wrapped in a blanket of rapidly shedding fur.   She is not your average centenarian, though — she still requires three helpers in the room for the vet to examine her.  Plus they all wear gloves that are made out of potholders AND go up their arms above their elbows!)  Whew, and the sound effects!  Oh, the humanity!



As much as I am embarrassed when her screaming, wailing, and growling fills the entire office, I’m also a bit proud of her.  That’s my girl –  don’t mess with the Iron Kitty!  On this visit she was quite feisty but not quite as feisty as times past, which made me sad.  I think she is on the downwards slope, but the vet bill was definitely on the rise.  In fact, they seem to be inversely proportional.

Finish strong, Louise!  I know you will come hiss or high water!



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