Ah, we had a death in the family in August.  My furry teenage daughter is no longer with us.  We will always miss you.  Well, at least I will!

From the October/November issue of Robious Corridor Magazine now out on the street!

Cruisin’ the Corridor: Ode to Louise











Thanks for sticking with me for so long Louise!




2 thoughts on ““Ode to Louise”

  1. Libby, sorry about you dear sweet kitty Louise I remember her at your wedding reception when she was a kitten in the bathroom when I met her a sweet thing.

    Bob and I lost our dear Spooky this past March and she was 18 yrs old it’s not easy. Spooky was much loved and dearly missed by Bob and I.

    Love your Cuz Kathy and Bob Weatherly

    1. Thanks so much, Kathy! So sorry to hear about Spooky! It’s amazing how an animal really can be part of your family!

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