Our new place in Austin has a neat view of the open Hill Country land behind it.


It also has an excellent view of a telephone pole.  That’s because it’s right there in our backyard.  I kid you not.  There are some wires coming off it too as an added bonus.




Isn’t that a lot like life?  You can never really have it all.  There are always problems and stressors no matter where you are and what is going on in your life.  It’s never perfect.  There are always going to be telephones poles in our lives, some literally (like ours) but most others are symbolic.  We can enjoy 90% of a great view, but it’s tempting to focus on the 10% that is obstructed.  It’s a constant choice.  (We have considered decorating it for various holidays, especially effective as a May Pole on May Day.)




This sounds crazy, but I’m thankful for that telephone pole.   Yes, most people wouldn’t think having a telephone pole in their back yard is a good thing.  Without that pole or its wires, there’s no way we wouldn’t have gotten this house.  It would have sold rickety-split like all the houses in this neighborhood do.   Thanks to that there pole though, it was still on the market a few months later when we came along a-house hunting.  Most importantly, if the pole wasn’t there, we probably (definitely) wouldn’t have been able to afford the house at all.


pole 1


So, thanks for being there, pole.   If you don’t mind, though, I’ll won’t be looking at you a whole lot except for when you’re all dressed up for holidays.  It’s time to enjoy the other 90% of the view.




pole 2



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