Move on over, Polar Vortex!  You’ve got some serious competition!  It’s been a pollen-palooza around here!  There’s been pollen, pollen everywhere for weeks now.  Not being a native Virginian, I am always amazed by the blanket of yellowish green goop that settles like a blanket over anything and everything within minutes. And the only way to get rid of it is to scrub away or pray for rain.   This year seems to be the worst — much more pollen, plus it has lasted much longer than usual.  Apparently the bad extended winter weather delayed the pine pollen and other tree pollen that was supposed to come out a month ago.  Then once it finally got warm, BOOM!  It all came out with a vengeance with all the other pollen.  Voila — a pollen-palooza!  See, even pollen has had its own version of the “two-hour delay” due to winter weather!  Ugh!


pollen party


Usually the trees release first, followed by grass and then ragweed later.  Never before have I had to use windshield wipers to get the neon green gunk off so I can see the road!  And that was not just once, mind you.  Here is my car below within a day of being sprayed down.  Yikes!  The green machine!




Unfortunately this is Sam’s one horrible allergy — to pollen in the spring time.  Well, it’s been a humdinger this year.  I don’t even let him open the car door these days.  It’s really that bad.  I learned my lesson a couple of years ago when he put a hand on a bike rack and innocently rubbed his eye.  His eye EXPLODED into the eye of Frankenstein within a couple of minutes.


pollen pa


Apparently 30-40% 0f Americans have some sort of pollen allergy.   However, it’s time to celebrate though!  We know that pollen plays a vital role in society.  National Pollinators Week is coming up!  Needless to say, it’s time to clear your calendars for June 17- 23, 2014!  Woo hoo!




(I don’t think she wants to celebrate National Pollinators Week!  Don’t blame her!)



Any amount of pollen is better than “WINTRY MIX,”  in my book anyway.  School has never been cancelled due to excessive pollen, right?  Well, never say never…  I was about to use my scraper on the windshield the other day!




Hope you have a lovely pollen-free weekend!





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