Sorry it’s been ages since writing, but moving sure has a way of sucking up your entire life like a Hoover vacuum on turbo-speed.  Oh, it used to seem like such a no-brainer back when I was young, single and carefree.  How do people do this all the time, especially people with kids?  There are so many stages:  thinking about the possibility of moving. more thinking, dreading it, and then getting excited.  That is all before you have packed a thing or informed anyone, including your smaller family members.  Plus there’s just as much stuff to do/take care of, if not more, on the “other side.”  NOTE:  Paying people to pack up your stuff is worth every single doggone penny and then some.




Of course belongings seem to multiply like the creeping crud when you go to pack them into boxes.  We made at least a dozen trips to Goodwill, and Daddy Mac borrowed a pickup and filled that puppy up about six times.  And then there was the trailer that we filled to the brim while the movers were there.  The crazy part is our house did not look like the pilot for “Hoarders Meets Sanford & Son.”  Why, I ask?  Why so many belonging that mean nothing to us?  How did they get in the door and create a nest for themselves?  I have no idea, but with God as my witness, that is not happening again in these here parts.





In this house we have decided the best decoration is empty space.  AAAH!  Plus we are afraid to hang anything after all the God-awful holes we left in the walls “back home” that were mighty expensive to repair.  Unfortunately that means the garage is full of stuff we can do without, perhaps forever!




Isn’t that open air just gorgeous?  I’ve become an interior decorator’s worst nightmare.  There’s got to be a middle ground somewhere between Spartan and Clutterbug.  Eventually I’m sure we will open up some more boxes and greet the contents like old friends.  In the meantime, I’ll be soaking in all that lovely and relaxing open space.




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