After the demise of sweet (or not-so-sweet) Louise last August, it didn’t feel like home without a cat in it.  A few weeks later, we made a quick trip to the SPCA and came home with a sweet itty-bitty tabby cat named Zeke.  Soon after naming him, we realized that Zeke was highly appropriate since it rhymes with “freak.”  He’s a beautiful cat, but the boy is nuts. 




Zeke loves to sleep in our room at night, so he can jump on our heads and “visit” (accompanied by loud purring) at 4 PM like clockwork.  He’s a punctual kind of guy.  Hence, we kick him out unless he wears us down by begging to get back in.  Well, the other night around 11 PM, it was time to get Zeke the Super Freak out of the room.  We could hear him rustling around somewhere near the bed.  I called him and looked under the bed.  No answer and no Zeke.  Rustle, rustle.  Then I called him and looked behind the headboard.  No answer and no Zeke.  Rustle, rustle.  Then I called him, looked behind the night table, and even knocked on the wall in desperation.  No Zeke.  And yes, rustle, rustle.  Then I looked under the bed again.  No answer and no Zeke!  I started to panic.  Did we have rats somewhere in the room?  In the walls?




Then THE BOTTOM OF THE BED MOVED!  I was speechless!  The dang cat had gotten himself somehow INSIDE the bed!!  Good God!  Somehow he found/made a small hole on the underside of the box spring and hoisted himself on into it, It was Zeke’s version of going up the “kitty” hole like Alice in Wonderland.  And he liked it in there so much he wouldn’t come out.  Occasionally he’d come over and swat his paw out the hole for kicks.  So I got kitty treats which he made a swipe for but wouldn’t come out.  Then I tried his favorite — a big glass of water in a human glass.  He was tempted — double swipe.  But no, Zeke liked his crazy catacombs of interwoven springs.  How in the world were we going to get that varmint out of there?  Would we have to slice open the box spring or get skeeved out listening to him rustle around all night checking out his new clubhouse?




(looking all innocent the next day at the scene of the crime)

When I left the room for a minute to get God-knows-what, Daddy Mac sprung into action with a ROAR!  (I am not exaggerating.)  After ripping off the mattress, he started to pound on the top of the box spring with a bat.  Well, really it was a jumbo roll of heavy-duty shelf liner from the Container Store.  Well, I am here to attest their products are as versatile as they say!  It turns out it worked very well as a bat.  Zeke hauled his furry behind back out of that box spring as fast as he could, not even caring that he knocked over his dream cup of water.




For once he didn’t beg to get back in.  He knew the bat was waiting for him, ready for direct contact.






One thought on “That Dang Cat, Zeke the Super Freak!

  1. I can hardly breath I am laughing so hard. That is hysterical!!

    OK – I have to admit I an not a cat kind of gal, and that is OK since I have 3 dogs and 1 hamster (we had 2 hamsters as of yesterday morning, but one met an early demise) so I think I can be forgiven.

    I was complaining about being awakened by dogs at 6:45 sharp every morning for the dog bone and potty time but now I shall stop complaining.

    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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