Despite the fact that I am a travel fiend/writer, the Homestead has always been one of my favorite places on the planet.  Apparently anything can be improved, especially with 24 million dollars to invest, thanks to Omni!

Here is a perfect example.  Rest your tired eyes on their new Spa Garden.  Wow!  I feel more Zen already just looking at it.



And here’s the other end of the Garden.

There’s an adults-only pool, an outdoor hot tub, a Finnish sauna, cabanas, showers, and a snack bar.  Oh, there’s a reflexology pool too!  My absolute favorite is the Jeffersonian-style octagonal pool fed by hot springs and lined with stones.  So good for your skin and stress level, plus neat to be “taking the waters” the way Jefferson did back in the day at the Homestead.  (However, conditions were much more rustic back then.)



Don’t worry – the inside will blow your socks off even more.  Ahhhh!  Words escape me!  There are a myriad of treatments upon treatments from which to choose, luxurious waiting rooms (with coed option), two types of saunas, and heated chaise lounges that are guaranteed to put you to sleep.  They have special showers that let you choose the type and scent (!!)  to accompany it.  Do you want Arctic mist?  Caribbean?  Summer rain?  Then it sprinkles directly from tiny holes in the ceiling.  You feel like you are standing outside in a (scented) rainforest.  Amazing!

Oh, and the service?  Impeccable as always.  They seem to know what you want or need before you do.  That’s nice.  It’s good that some things like that never change.  I am also thankful that the donuts are still in their usual sublime state!  I am not a big donut person, but I do like the cinnamon sugar ones.  However, this time I had their glazed for the first time — by far the finest donut I have ever had in my life.  (Cue:  The Monkees singing “I’m a Believer!”)


photo 2

The desserts are spectacular!  Check out the white rose made out of a napkin.  That sure is something you don’t get at home, at least my home anyway!

 photo 3

They have segways now, too, which are great way to roam around the resort, especially knowing that there are NO stop lights in all of Bath County.  (Stopping can be the hardest part!)

photo 5


(I don’t know these people, but they look like they are having fun, huh?)

Feeling gutsy for some strange reason, I tried horseback riding for the first time at the Homestead.  My horse’s name was Snoopy, and the guide’s was Sweet Pea.  Horses terrify me, but my guide was very nice about my wimpiness.  I guess it’s hard to call someone else wimpy when you are riding a horse named Sweet Pea.  I was lucky to have that fact on my side!  Oh my gosh, was I sore the next day!!  Apparently horseback riding uses muscles that I normally don’t but should!


Back to reality now.  Goodbye, Homestead!  It’s time to write up this lovely trip!  Thanks for the memories, and hope to see you soon!


PS  Sorry, Snoopy, I probably won’t be coming back to see you.  Next time FALCONRY!!




This guy looks a little intimidating.



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