A couple of weeks ago we went to check out the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center here in Austin.  It’s a native plant botanical garden, so everything is indigenous to the area.  Of course, we expected it to be a beautiful spot, but it was downright gorgeous!  Even Sam thought so, and that boy couldn’t care less about flowers, let alone tons of them on a hot Texas day!





The open fields of wild flowers were breathtaking.  This one was my favorite; it almost looked like a Monet painting.  It’s hard to believe a phone captured that because it certainly was not my photography prowess.





Here’s another one.



And a third shot!  Loved this one too.  I’d never seen photos that look like paintings before this.  No need to romanticize the scene since Mother Nature has already taken care of that!



And of course there were some  humungous cacti ‘cuz everything’s bigger in Texas!!  (You knew that was coming, right?)



This cactus even had a bunch of lovely yellow roses!




And one more open field shot!  A slew of Pink Black-Eyed Susans.  Never seen those before



Thanks, Ladybird!  Your legacy lives on!



She definitely made the world a more beautiful place.  What better legacy is there than that?



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