Actually there really isn’t a mouse house in Taos, at least to my knowledge, but it sure sounds good!   Sam and I had a good time repeating that over 10 times fast!  Thankfully however, there is a Walmart. (Then again, where isn’t there a Walmart?)   We were there at a ripe old 6:30 AM because of the two-hour time change and a certain eight-year-old early riser in our posse.  Well, we had already opened up the McDonald’s at 6 AM, so we were in the neighborhood.  That’s our excuse, anyway.  It turned out to be a great place to stock up on Captain Underpants and Skylander books, even Skylander MadLibs.  Who knew?



We did visit Kit Carson’s old house and museum filled with neat artifacts, conveniently located on Kit Carson Road.  Alas there was not a mouse to be seen in this Taos house either.



Our hotel was right on the central plaza filled with artsy shops and a neat bookstore called “Moby Dickens” with not one but two cats.  (I love bookstores with cats!)  No mouse in that house for sure!



We loved this Spanish Colonial Church, named for St. Francis of Assisi, the San Francisco de Asis Mission Church.  It is a National Historic Landmark and a World Heritage Church.

And there were some restaurants with fabulous Southwestern food.

How do you go back to Taco Bell after meals like this?

 Not quickly!


Taos was a big hit with Sam even without a mouse house and his intense dislike of any spicy food — or food with any flavor whatsoever.  It had a store that sold whoopie cushions!!!

NOTE:  This is NOT Daddy Mac, just some random guy off the Internet!  🙂

After we left this cool mountain town on our way to southwestern Colorado, there were fantastic views all around.

Check out the Rio Grande Gorge!
That sure would be a long drop down!  Don’t want to find out for sure, though!
Durango or bust!

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