The expression “boys will be boys” evolved for a reason.  Today Sam and his buddy Tucker were wrestling with each other when Tucker accidentally knocked out Sam’s loose tooth.  Dumbfounded, Sam looked at me in horror, not sure whether to laugh or cry.  I said, “Sam, you should THANK him because now the Tooth Fairy will come tonight!”  Then, of course, he was all smiles, having visions of five-dollar bills dancing in his head.

Then Tucker said, “Let’s make a special tooth fairy house for it, and then the Tooth Fairy will give you fifty bucks!” And off they raced!  Here is the tooth fairy house in all its glory:  (The tooth is esconsed inside.)



Hearing that, I piped up to squelch that pipe dream before it grew any bigger.  Shaking my head, I warned, “I bet we don’t have the same Tooth Fairy!”  And we don’t.  I later got intel from his mother that his cousins started the whole fairy house thing.  Of course this raises the bar for the rest of us who think under-the-pillow is a mighty fine place for a tooth — and low rent, too.

Here they are up in Sam’s new fort trying to fend off attack from cruel parents ruthlessly trying to end their playdate.   Who knew that wholesome croquet mallets could be used for such a sinister purpose?  (Thinking ahead, Sam had already stored some “rations” up there for just such an occasion — granola bars and peanut butter and crackers.)  Well, let’s just say it worked out about as well as Waco.  The law always wins.  Just ask the Clash below what happened to them when they tried it, and they are The Clash after all.

“I Fought the Law and the Law Won”


Bring on the Tooth Fairy, the middle-class one.  Better go remind her to get her pennies together!



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