Ah, Mothers’ Day!  It was a day to feel the love.  Well, Sam had worked on a big ole packet of love at school all week for Mother’s Day, so I was curious to see it.  Well, it definitely got me laughing!

Well, one of the first pages said, “Mom, you are so special because you always…”

Aw, isn’t that sweet?!  Now what cute answer did he give?!


photo 3



His answer was, “Say you’ll kill our cat.”  (I am not making this up!  I am really not that clever!)

Ohhhhhh my!  OK, OK, our 17-year-old cat has gotten pretty (very) incontinent of late, so I have made a few idle threats against her life, bless her heart.  But really?  Did the picture really have to have a me chasing after the cat with a huge “cichen”  (translated: kitchen) knife yelling, “RAR?!”


photo 2


Excuse me, gotta run!  Child Protective Services is at the door knocking really hard.

OK, after some swift talking, I’m back now.  Phew!

Then there was another “amusing” question, “Mom, you love when I…”


photo 4


And his answer was, “Go to sleep.”   Oy vey.


photo 5


“Look at me doing that thing you love.”  (The action shot above.)  Oh me oh my.

The next one made it a whole lot better.

“The best thing about you, Mom, is…”


“That you love me so much.”

All is forgiven.  No need to chase after him with a “cichen” knife yelling, “RAR!”  I can let him sleep in peace.


He is pretty cute asleep, don’t you think?!



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