Our Own Little Bob Dole

“Sam trying to run away,” Sam announced as he did just that, taking off so I couldn’t change his oh-so-stinky diaper.  He’s been doing this for months — hightailing it for the border when it’s time for a diaper change AND talking about himself in the third person, Bob Dole style.  It’s catching — now we do it too.  “Does Sam want more pancakes?  Mommy made them just for Sam.” 

Sam moderates his way through the day like it’s the Truman Show or something.  “Sam eating breakfast,” “Sam driving in the car,” “Sam building a tall bridge,” “Sam digging a hole,” and his favorite refrain, “Sam watching TB!”  (“TB” is Sam for “TV.”)  Anyway, you get the gist.  He’s all ready for his own reality TV show.
At least he is honest, which comes in handy.  Today I heard him announce through the monitor, “Sam trying to get out of the crib.”  Sure enough when I barged into his room, there he was straddling the railing about to jump.  Busted!  And last week after he took a big spill on the playground at recess, he narrated on the way home, “Sam crying at recess.”
He also refers to himself  as “Sam Macky,” his version of our last name, McNamee.  He runs it all together so it sounds like one word, “Sammacky.”  When he’s awake in the crib and wants one of us to go get him, he announces, “Sammacky waking up!” followed by “Sammacky: Mommy always comes back!”  Then he waits a while.  If no one show up after a few minutes, he tries another tactic.  “Sammacky: Daddy always comes back!”
On the pronoun front, he hears us referring to him as “you,” so he refers to himself as 
“you,” not “me.”  For instance, “Mommy, pick you up!”,”Mommy, give you that!” and my hands-down favorite, “Mommy, hug you!” It makes so much sense, doesn’t it?  How did we ever figure out the whole “me” thing anyway?  I know I should be correcting him more, but I find it so hilarious that I can’t bring myself to do it.  Plus it’s kinda complicated to explain teh concept to a two-year-old.  It would go something like this, “Mommy calls Sam ‘you,’ Sam calls Mommy ‘you,’ but Sam calls Sam ‘me,’ and Mommy calls Mommy ‘me.’  Got it?  And for our next lesson we will be learning the Russian alphabet – backwards!”
Well, gotta go.  I can hear Sammacky chirping in his crib, sweet sounds which are quickly turning into screams, punctuated by jumping on the bed.  Here I come.  Mommy always comes back, you know, eventually.

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